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PENTAX K-3 II - Description

Pixel Shift Resolution

Advanced resolution technology for capturing still life subjects in ultra high definition

The in-body SR (shake reduction) mechanism is used to move the image sensor unit in minute increments, a single pixel pitch at a time, to capture four shots. Pixel Shift Resolution merges those shots into a single image to generate an ultra high-definition image. This method differs from the traditional Bayer method, which acquires only a single element of color information for single pixel, by acquiring all RGB color information for individual pixel. This difference makes it excellent for detail and color reproduction, creating super high-definition images. This also prevents false colors from occurring theoretically, and also has a high-sensitivity noise reduction effect when compared to normal shooting.

Photographed RAW images can be processed on the camera and also developed using the included utility software as Pixel Shift Resolution.

*Be sure to use a tripod for thorough stabilization when shooting.
*When shooting, use Drive Mode options: Self-timer, Remote Control, or Mirror Lock-up Shooting.
*Effects may not be gained if the subject moves or the camera shakes.


Shot with Pixel Shift Resolution
Depict even feather texture and dots on print in high

Normal shot


Move the image sensor unit a single pixel pitch at a time to capture four shots.

This acquires all RGB color information for individual pixel. By merging those shots into a single image, an ultra high-definition image is generated.

●The information and diagrams here are for visualizing the structure and effects of Pixel Shift Resolution. 


Expand DSLR descriptiveness to the next high-dimension field

HD PENTAX-DA16-85mmF3.5-5.6ED DC WR Aperture : F11; Shutter speed : 1/200 sec. ; Exposure compensation : -0.3EV ; Sensitivity : ISO 100 ; White balance : AWB ; Custom image : Bright ; Pixel Shift Resolution: ON

Pixel Shift Resolution 

Advanced resolution technology for capturing still life subjects in ultra high definition

The CMOS sensor is operated to consecutively shoot four images for individual pixel. Using the overwhelmingly large volume of color information (24M×RGB), the Pixel Shift Resolution generates a single ultra-high-definition image. The increase in resolving power and color reproducibility makes it possible to obtain such high-definition images, especially when photographing stationary subjects. Noise is also greatly reduced, and, in theory, moiré and false color are not generated. During shooting, an electronic shutter is used so camera shake can be minimized.

*When shooting please keep the camera stationary using a tripod, etc.

Pixel Shift Resolution 

Normal shot

[Color information obtained

[Color information obtained]

Four images are shot, with color and brightness information being
obtained for RGB at 24M resolution for each

For each pixel, color and brightness information is obtained for one
color only.

*High resolution and many gradations are achieved because the
image is generated using color and brightness information with
high resolving power.
*False color and color moiré are not generated because pixel
interpolation is not done.

Due to color filter RGB proportions, the resolution for each color is
1/2 for green and 1/4 for R and B.


[Demosaic processing]

Neighboring pixels and outlines are analyzed and missing pixel color
and brightness information is estimated (pixel interpolation).

When there are instances where the estimated color and actual color
differ, the result is false color and color moiré.


 *Images are for representation purpose only.

AA-filter-free 24M CMOS image sensor

Imaging element for capturing the delicate details of color and light

Approx. 24.35 effective megapixels. Under design concept to give first priority on resolution, K-3II is an AA (anti-aliasing)-filter-free model. This enables full use of the CMOS sensor’s resolving power for excellent, sharp image quality. This model can faithfully recreate the three-dimensionality and atmosphere of a scene with all of its textures. 

AA filter simulator

An unique function that prevents false colors and moiré only when necessary

The AA filter simulator realized the operation of the optical AA filter that reduces false colors and moiré, by applying microscopic vibration of the CMOS image sensor. You can select from two levels. In addition, you can set the bracket that changes the effects for capturing three successive shots.

*Effects are easily achieved when shooting at shutter speeds slower than 1/1000 sec.

*Cannot be used with some shooting modes, including Pixel Shift Resolution


The evolution of the field camera, with a built-in GPS function

HD PENTAX-DA 16-85mmF3.5-5.6ED DC WR Aperture : F5.0; Shutter speed : 1/40 sec. ; Exposure compensation : -0.7EV ; Sensitivity : ISO 400 ; White balance : Daylight ; Custom image : Landscape

Built-in GPS 

Record location information and such only with K-3II

The K-3II features a built-in GPS function. Only with the camera itself, you can record the information of shooting location, facing direction, and the shooting date and time (Coordinated Universal Time) in image data. The K-3II’s GPS button allows you to easily activate the GPS function when shooting.

*GPS data will not be recorded in conditions where GPS information cannot be obtained. 


Easy Astronomical tracking for capturing vivid stars

Coupled with in-body SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism, this function easily tracks and photographs astronomical body such as stars. The latitude obtained by the GPS function, and camera position (horizontal/vertical tilt and facing direction) detected by the magnetic and acceleration sensors are used to calculate the movement of astronomical body. The CMOS sensor is synchronized with the movement of astronomical body, making it possible to capture stars as points of light not as trails of light even during long exposures.

*Be sure to use a tripod to thoroughly stabilize the camera.
*Make sure to precisely calibrate the function before shooting.
*ASTROTRACER cannot be used with some shooting modes, including Interval Shooting and Interval Composite.

smc PENTAX-DA FISH-EYE10-17mmF3.5 -4.5ED [IF]
Aperture : F3.5 ; Shutter speed : 180 sec. ; Exposure compensation :
±0.0EV ; Sensitivity : ISO250 ; White balance : Color Temperature ;
Custom image : Bright

GPS Log/Electronic Compass

Useful to check traveled route record and direction

The K-3II is equipped with a GPS log function that can get and record camera position. You can load the log onto your computer and display the route traveled using a map service such as Google EarthTM. Functions such as the Electronic Compass are also useful in the field for checking direction on the image screen monitor.

*GPS data will not be recorded in conditions where GPS information cannot be acquired.




   Coordinated Universal Time

   GPS status

   Lens direction

Electronic Compass screen

Cold-resistant: Operation guaranteed down to -10°C

Magnesium alloy casing and metallic chassis

Stable operation can be maintained even in cold climates

Tough metal shell for exceptional rigidity, outstanding durability and reduced weight

Environment tests were carried out at a punishing 10 degrees below freezing to
check the electronic circuit and mechanical mechanism operating accuracy and
responsiveness, as well as optical system stability. Results show that K-3II can
actively be used for challenging shoots even in cold climates.

The K-3II’s top, bottom and side panels are made of highly rigid, lightweight
and shock-resistant magnesium alloy. Its chassis is made of high-rigidity,
corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

*When temperatures drop, battery performance suffers. When using in cold
climates, keep a backup battery warm inside your clothes to ensure continued

Dust proof and weather-resistance construction

Worry-free shooting even in severe conditions with rain and dust.

A dust proof and weather-resistant construction is used to prevent rain, sand, and dust from entering the camera. Seals are placed in 92 locations on the body alone, including operation parts such as buttons and dials, cover openings and external joints. Battery Grip D-BG5 (optional) also features the same dust proof and weather-resistant construction.


A camera fast enough to keep up with the photographer’s sharp reflexes

HD PENTAX-DA16-85mmF3.5-5.6ED DC WR Aperture : F18 ;
Shutter speed : 1/30 sec. ; Exposure compensation : -0.3EV ;
Sensitivity : ISO 100 ; White balance : AWB ; Custom image
: Bright

HD PENTAX-D FA★70-200mmF2.8ED DC AW Aperture : F4.0; Shutter speed : 1/640 sec. ; Exposure
compensation : -1.7EV ; Sensitivity : ISO 400 ; White balance : AWB ; Custom image : Bright

New high-speed AF algorithm 

Never miss a shot with this fast response autofocus

The K-3II uses a 27-point (25 cross-type points) AF system used in the K-3. By combining this with the latest AF algorithm, the AF has increased its speed. With Continuous AF (AF.C), tracking of subjects that move toward the depth direction is improved. The synergy with the PENTAX Real-time Scene Analysis System makes AF shooting of moving objects smooth and easy. The Single AF (AF.S) can be faster when using the latest design zoom lens*. These features prove to be a powerful ally for photo opportunities.

*Compatible lens: (April 2015)
HD PENTAX-D FA★70-200mm F2.8ED DC AW,
HD PENTAX-D FA 150-450mm F4.5-5.6ED DC AW,
HD PENTAX-DA 18-50mm F4-5.6 DC WR RE

Advanced SR Shake Reduction 

In-body shake reduction mechanism provides 4.5 step correction

The sensor shift-type shake reduction is advanced. By including a new, high-precision gyro sensor, the highest correction effect in the K series is achieved at 4.5 shutter steps*. Not only can you actively use telephoto lenses, but powerful stabilization is available for any lens used with K-3II.

*Conforms to CIPA standards

F = 85mm, When using HD PENTAX-DA 16-85mmF3.5-5.6ED DC WR

[ Panning Detection ] 

The K-3II SR is also effective for panning shots. The gyro sensor detects a certain moving direction of the camera and controls the SR unit. Only by activating the SR, effect is applied to both normal shooting and panning. 

   CMOS image sensor             Coil

Approx. 8.3 fps high-speed drive

Capture split-second moments of fast-moving subjects

Thanks to the high-speed processing capability of the PRIME III imaging enging, a high-capacity buffer, mirror bound control mechanism, and three-motor system, continuous high-speed shooting at approx. 8.3 fps is possible. In JPEG format you can capture up to approx. 60 shots*, and in RAW up to approx. 23 shots continuously.

*When using JPEG (L/★★★/Continuous Shooting H). At ISO 100, using an SDXC card.

[ Mirror-bounce damper mechanism ] 

Adopted damper mechanism minimizes the shock caused by the swing action of the mirror, at both the mirror-up and mirror-down positions. This improves the precision and stability of the AF and AE systems.

[ Three-motor System ]

A three-motor system is employed to control the mirror, shutter, and aperture independently. An efficient powertrain and optimal motor control makes mechanical driving faster, more precise, and ensures high durability of components.

Capture moments as vividly as you experienced

HD PENTAX-DA16-85mmF3.5-5.6ED DC WR Aperture : F5.6; Shutter speed : 1/125 sec. ; Exposure compensation : -1.3EV ; Sensitivity : ISO 1600 ; White balance : CTE ; Custom image : Bleach Bypass Digital Filter: High Contrast x Shading x Shading

Versatile functions for one-of-a-kind artistic piece

Custom Image

Digital Filter

Enjoy different finishes just like changing the film

Layer special effects for impressive art work

Custom Image gives you the ability to adopt your ideal colors and tones in shots. Eleven different options are available, and parameters such as the saturation, hue, key, and contrast can be freely adjusted. Enjoy your one and only expression.
*Adjustable parameters differ depending on the Custom Image option.

A rich array of Digital Filter options is equipped. In addition to adjusting effects, you can layer up to 20 adjustments to a single photo. When used with Custom Image, the possibilities for expression are expanded even further.

[Water Color]


Custom Image

Bright, Natural, Portrait, Landscape, Vibrant, Radiant, Muted, Bleach Bypass, Reversal Film, Monochrome, Cross Processing

Selection for shooting or playback

Extract Color, Toy Camera, Retro, High Contrast, Shading, Invert Color, Unicolor Bold, Bold Monochrome

Selection for playback only

Base Parameter Adj, Tone Expansion, Sketch, Water Color, Pastel, Posterization, Miniature, Soft, Starburst, Fish-eye, Slim

HDR High-Dynamic Range

Capture hand-held high dynamic range and re-compose after shooting

From three differing exposure images, a single image with a wide tonal range is generated. Because this model automatically corrects* for slight misalignments between images, you can easily shoot hand-held HDR images. In addition to Auto which provides a natural finish, there are different effect strengths (HDR 1/2/3), and exposure bracket value (±1/2/3) settings available. The three different images are saved in RAW format, giving you complete artistic freedom to develop or merge them as you please.

HDR ON /HDR Type 2


Perfect for scenes in which normal shooting produces a high variation in contrast and exposure compensation overexposes bright sections or causes loss of detail in dark sections.
*Automatic adjustment may not be possible for change in angle of view and subject, or due to factors such as focal length and subject pattern.


Full-featured compositing methods to support advanced compositions

You can shoot any number of images from 2 to 2,000, and overlap them to form a single image. In Live View, the merged results are displayed transparently until shooting takes place, making composition easy.

[ Average ]

The exposure is averaged and merged. Even without adjusting the exposure for
each shot the merged image results in a standard exposure for easy
multi-exposure shooting.

[ Additive ]

Exposure is added and merged. For example, by moderating the exposure for
each image, the contrast is ref lected in the finished result.

[ Bright ]

Bright sections of each image are merged. This is also effective for leaving dark sections as is, and overlapping brighter objects such as the moon, fireworks, or illuminated buildings.

Movie function

Interval Shooting

Smoothly record quick movement in Full HD movies

Capture subjects changing over time with the automatic timer

Utilize the rich lineup of interchangeable lenses including fisheye and super-telephoto to capture impressive Full HD 60i/30p movies. You can use artistic functions such as Custom Image and Digital Filter, easily edit images with the camera, and also record stereo audio with an external microphone.

*File format is MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 and MOV.

This model automatically shoots for a specified interval. This feature is useful for capturing a subject that changes over time. The interval can be set from 2 seconds to 24 hours, and the number of shots can be set from 2 to 2,000. The time to begin shooting can also be specified.

[ Interval Composite ]

Images shot over an interval are overlapped to form a single image. The same options are available as in Multi-exposure: Average, Additive, and Bright. You can also save images in progress.

Interval Composite [Bright]

4K compatible Interval Movie Record

In-body RAW data development

Easily capture time-lapse movies

Apply finishing touches just the way you want, without a PC

Connect captured still images over a certain interval to create a movie. Moment to moment changes of a subject can be enjoyed in as a time-lapse movie. Recording sizes are available in 4K (3840x2160), Full HD, and HD. HDR can be used together.

*The compression format is Motion JPEG, and the file format is AVI.
*Shooting intervals can be selected from 2, 5, 10, 20, 30 seconds, 1, 5, 10, 30 minutes, or 1 hour.
*Shooting time can be set from 14 seconds to 99 hours (changes due to shooting interval).
*When playing back a 4K Interval Movie Record, be sure to use a computer environment that can play back 4K movies.

The K-3II provides in-body development of RAW-format files, with the developed files saved as separate TIFF or JPEG files. You can even adjust white-balance and custom-image parameters during RAW data development. Since this feature provides a PC-free environment, you can work on your RAW files anywhere and anytime.

Taking in the light and subject as seen through your eyes

HD PENTAX-D FA★70-200mmF2.8ED DC AW Aperture : F4.0; Shutter speed : 1/500 sec. ; Exposure compensation : -0.7EV ; Sensitivity : ISO 400 ; White balance : AWB ; Custom image : Vibrant


High-performance imaging engine delivers significantly-improved imaging performance

To take full advantage of PENTAX’s experience and expertise in digital-imaging and data-processing technologies, the K-3II has adopted an imaging engine used in PENTAX 645Z. This high-performance engine assures high-efficiency, high-speed processing of captured image data.

ISO 51200

Low noise/high ISO sensitivity expand the realms of expression

The low noise CMOS image sensor and powerful noise processing ability of PRIME III enable high-sensitivity, low noise shooting. You can also adjust the ISO AUTO range and noise reduction effects when necessary.

PENTAX Real-time Scene Analysis System

Advanced intelligence that incorporates AE, AF, and artistic sensibility

With PRIME III and the approx. 86,000 pixel RGB metering sensor enables advanced scene analysis. Images are captured based on information such as color and brightness distribution on the screen, the subject’s face, color, and movement. These factors also contribute to high-precision, stable AE and autofocus control.

[ Approx. 86,000 pixel RGB metering sensor ]

Traditional metering sensors only measured brightness, when this sensor also detects colors. The approx. 86,000 pixel resolving power is used to detect subject shape and movement with a high degree of accuracy. This makes for improved scene analysis ability where nearly all scenes are easily controlled.

Reliable auto-exposure control down to -3EV

Lens correction

Higher precision for ISO sensitivity and exposure control of low-light scenes

Deals with aberration, image-field edge light drops, and image quality deterioration due to diffraction

The RGB metering sensor with approx. 86,000-pixel also assures outstanding performance in high-sensitivity shooting, with its measurable minimum luminance level expanded to as low as -3 EV (at ISO 100, with a 50mm F1.4 lens). In combination with the high-performance AF system capable of accurate focusing at -3 EV luminance level, this sensor performs brilliantly for low-light scenes where subjects cannot be visually recognized by the naked eyes.

The camera compensates for distortion due to lens characteristics, image-field edge light drops, chromatic aberration of magnification, and reduced resolution due to aperture stop down (diffraction compensation). Color fringe correction is also carried out when processing RAW images.


An advanced, high-speed, high-precision AF system

The SAFOX 11 AF system is adopted. It includes a high-sensitivity AF sensor with superb responsiveness. By using a diffractive lens in the optical system, chromatic aberration is corrected in the AF unit, enabling high-precision detection. This model is also equipped with a light source detection sensor, which compensates for slight focus deviations that can easily occur under special artificial light sources.

Condenser lens   Reflective mirror   AF unit frame

Diffractive lens   Separator lens   High sensitivity AF

compensates for chromatic aberration.


27 sensor (25 cross-type sensors) AF system

AF point mode

Quickly capture the subject with complete composition freedom

Versatile modes for matching the subject and composition

With 27 AF sensor points, giving you complete freedom over the composition. 25 of those are cross-type sensor points that are excellent at tracking subjects.

Cross-shaped sensor   Linear sensor

  F2.8 luminance flux linear sensor

In addition to limiting the number of AF points used, you can also set the position of AF points. [Auto (27 AF Points)] uses all sensor points, [Select] uses a single point only, [Spot] narrows down the range, and [Zone Select] and [Expanded Area AF] are useful for moving subjects.

[F2.8 luminous flux compatible AF]

In addition to the center point, a high-precision AF point on the top and bottom are F2.8 luminous flux compatible. Useful for better accuracy when focusing is difficult using a large-diameter lens with a shallow depth of field.

[Zone Select]

This option limits AF to 9 sensor points (■ can be moved up, down, left, or right). The PENTAX Real-time Scene Analysis System automatically detects the subject from that zone for focusing and tracking.


[-3EV low-luminance AF]

By using a high-sensitivity AF sensor, the low-luminance limitation is expanded to -3EV (25 center sensors). This helps reduce situations where AF becomes slow in dark scenes, and when AF is affected by highly bright sections in backlit scenes. Also useful for accurately capturing low-contrast subjects.

[Expanded Area AF]

You can select any single point out of the available 27. If the focused subject on that single point moves, the surrounding AF points are used to focus. The zone can be expanded to 8 points (S), 24 points (M), and 26 points (L). These can be set when using AF.C/AF.A.

Moving subject tracking

AF customization

Works together with the Scene Analysis System to track subjects

Original tuning enables no-hesitation tracking

The PENTAX Real-time Scene Analysis System has the ability to accurately detect
subject movement from people’s movements or color and continue monitoring this
movement. When linked with this system, the AF points move along with subject
movement. Using the advantage of densely placed AF points, highly accurate focus is maintained even for fast-moving subjects and high-speed continuous shooting.

*Available for AF mode Continuous AF (AF.C) and Auto Select AF (AF.A).

Performance demanded by AF changes according to subject movement and shooting conditions. The AF customization menu lets you fine tune AF properties. This feature flexibly conforms to a variety of photographer needs.

[AF Operation Properties]

You can set AF operation properties according to the AF mode and drive mode. In addition to Focus-priority and Release-priority, FPS (frames per second)-priority is also available for continuous shooting.

[Hold AF Status Setting]

Hold AF Status lets you maintain focus even if the subject moves after focusing or an obstruction causes you to lose track of the subject. You can extend the hold time in three steps.

Create your own imaging world with K-3II

HD PENTAX-DA 35mmF2.8 Macro Limited Aperture : F2.8 ; Shutter speed : 1/200 sec. ;
Exposure compensation : -1.0EV ; Sensitivity : ISO 1600 ; White balance : AWB ;
Custom image : Landscape

Hyper Control System

Freely control the depth of field and sense of movement

Exposure mode P is the PENTAX -original Hyper Program mode. Using the front and rear e-dials you can change the shutter speed or aperture value while maintaining a standard exposure. This feature lets you control the sense of movement and depth of field while keeping your eye to the viewfinder without switching between Tv and Av.

[Hyper Manual]

If you enable AE Lock after setting the exposure, the exposure value is stored in the camera. Further dial operations shift the shutter speed and aperture so you can shoot at exactly the exposure you want.

White balance

WB mode is compatible with a variety of scenes and expressions

WB mode presets are available for most light sources. Multi Auto White Balance optimizes white balance for each area, and CTE is perfect for impressive shots of sunsets and greenery.

[ AWB ]

[ CTE ]

Exposure mode/ Exposure compensation ±5EV

1/8000 sec. high-speed shutter

Full-featured exposure modes and automatic exposure customization

Sharply capture split second, emotional moments

There is a variety of modes; Green Mode, P (Program), Sv (Sensitivity Priority), Tv (Shutter Priority), Av (Aperture Priority), TAv (Shutter & Aperture Priority), M (Manual), B (Bulb), and X (Flash X-synch Speed). A wide range of exposure compensation is available at ±5EV (when shooting still images) and high-key and low-key expressions are available when using AE.
*Sv (Sensitivity Priority): The shutter speed and aperture value are automatically set to get the standard exposure according to the set ISO sensitivity.
*TAv (Shutter & Aperture Priority): The ISO sensitivity is automatically set to get the standard exposure according to the set shutter speed and aperture value.

Equipped with a max. 1/8000 sec. high-speed, high-precision shutter unit. When combined with high-speed continuous shooting ability, it is possible to capture sharp, split-second images of moving subjects. Even when using a large-diameter lens, you can open the aperture to beautifully defocus the background under bright environment.

[Highly-durable shutter]

Durability test of 200,000 operations was conducted for the shutter unit when attached to the camera. Even under hard use, this model maintains high precision operation and responsiveness.

Digital level

Automatic Horizon Correction/Composition Adjustment

For accurate detection of horizontal and vertical tilt

Assists stable compositions

Since the built-in digital level detects the horizontal and vertical tilt of the body with great accuracy, it comes in handy with such subjects as landscapes and nightscapes. You can even check the horizontal tilt on an exposure bar scale on the LCD monitor.

Digital level display on LCD monitor

CMOS image sensor shifting and rotating - this model is equipped with features that are only possible with PENTAX. Automatic Horizon Correction is a convenient function which the camera automatically corrects left or right tilting during hand-held shooting. Composition Adjustment moves the CMOS image sensor while the camera is fixed for fine-tuning the composition. It is especially useful for Live View shooting using a tripod.

An optical viewfinder with approx. 100% field of view

Optical viewfinder with large magnification of approx. 0.95x

High-magnification (approx. 0.95x: 50mm F1.4/∞), bright optical viewfinder. With an approx. 100% field of view, you can capture all that you see. With a wide, large field of view, it is easy to perform any kind of shooting.

3.2-inch air gapless LCD monitor

Live View

Easy to see image monitor even in natural light, and resistant to scratching

Comfortable shooting with versatile support functions

The gap between the protective cover and LCD panel is filled with resin. Combined with AR coating, this construction significantly reduces ref lected light. The reinforced glass protective cover is highly resistant to scratches and maintains excellent visibility.

One-touch switching between viewfinder shooting and Live View. This feature has a variety of options such as Face Detection AF, 10x (max) magnified display, grid display, and other convenient functions. It also makes framing easy to maintain during high-speed continuous shooting for comfortable sustained shooting sessions.

Dual slot


Image management efficiency with two SD Memory Card slots

Intuitive and comfortable mastering of controls

Two memory card slots are available. With two cards, you can use [Sequential Use] for continued recording, [Save to Both] (simultaneous recording), and [Separate RAW/JPEG] for separate recording formats. Also possible to copy images from one card to another.

In addition to assigning functions to the RAW/Fx button, the K-3II is equipped with USER mode (register up to 3 items), and Custom functions (26 items). With customization you can quickly and intuitively control the camera with often-use functions.

Wireless remote control

Wireless control with a smartphone or tablet

Compatible with Flucards* equipped with a wireless LAN function. With it you can wirelessly control the camera from a smartphone or tablet. View images, change settings, or operate the shutter release is possible while viewing the Live View image in the palm of your hand.
*Supported cards: FLUCARD FOR PENTAX 16GB O-FC1 (optional)
*Can be used on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

DR II Dust Removal II

Dust Alert

CMOS image sensor cleaning via ultrasonic vibration

Helps early-stage detection of dust

Dust on the front surface of the CMOS image sensor is effectively removed by using ultrasonic vibrations of the UV/IR-cut filter.

Dust on the CMOS image sensor is detected and its position is displayed on the monitor. Detected dust can be removed with DR II, a blower, or cleaning kit (optional).

Included software for enjoying advanced processing of RAW images

Digital Camera Utility 5

This software lets you view and process RAW data and save it in JPEG and TIFF format. The popular SILKYPIX® engine tuning enables high-speed RAW image processing. It also supports the K-3II’s Pixel Shift Resolution.

[Main window framework (Browser mode)]

 Navigation panel

Control panel [Image information]

Control panel [Shooting information]

Control panel [Copyright information]

[Main window framework (Laboratory mode)]

*You can show or hide the tab page of each control panel and customize the display position.

Control panel [Shooting information] [History]

Control panel [Image information] [Map]

Control panel [Custom image] [White balance] [Exposure/Tone]

Control panel [Lens aberration correction] [Noise reduction] [Rotation/shift]

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