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5 reasons to choose pentax

Buying an SLR camera can be a major shopping decision for many people.
The camera must be one you want to carry with you and with which whenever,
wherever and however you like. Here is why a PENTAX camera makes your perfect partner.

1 Heavy-duty construction designed for all-weather, all-location shooting

Have you ever hesitated to take your camera with you on an outing because it was raining, or because you expected your destination to bee too dusty? The PENTAX digital SLR camera system features weather-resistant, dustproof camera bodies and lenses. Shutting out water, moisture and dust, so that you can enjoy shooting pictures under all conditions without any hesitation.

2 The most extensive lens selection among APS-C sensor models

The most popular image sensor for today’s digital SLR cameras is APS-C. Interchangeable lenses that can be used with this type of sensor come in two types: those compatible with both APS-C and full-size sensors, and others optimized only for an APS-C sensor. Lenses compatible with a full-size sensor tend to be bulky, heavy and expensive. If you are looking for a compact, easy-to-operate digital SLR with an APS-C sensor, PENTAX is your best choice because of its extensive range of interchangeable lenses optimized for this particular sensor size. Whether it’s high-magnification telephoto shooting, wide-perspective scenic photography, or a specialized application like macro or fish-eye, PENTAX offers a wide selection of both unifocal and zoom lenses to meet your needs.

3 Compact, lightweight interchangeable lenses for easy carrying

interchangeable lens

With an SLR camera, users often carry several interchangeable lenses to capture a best possible image regardless of a scene or subject. By incorporating the shake-reduction mechanism, once in the camera body, PENTAX has removed the weight of lenses by removing the need for an SR system in each lens.
Also, by optimizing the lens design for APS- C image sensors, PENTAX has further reduced the weight and size. As the result, you can carry more spare lenses in the same space, and so choose the one that best suits your creative intention.

4 Over 100 color variations for
stating exactly who you are

color variations

Color coordinate the body and grip with your favorite colors. More than 100 combinations are available. Coordinate your favorite or lucky colors to show who you are and to create a special camera that you will love more and more the more you use it.

*Color orders are limited to certain models.

5 Shake-reduction mechanism compatible with all PENTAX interchangeable lenses

shake reduction

By incorporating the PENTAX-developed SR (Shake Reduction) mechanism into all of their SLR camera bodies, PENTAX digital SLR cameras can minimize the adverse effect of camera shake effectively and with all compatible interchangeable lenses. Even under shake-prone conditions such as when shooting in the dark or using a telephoto lens. In addition, PENTAX’s entry-class models are equipped with a pentaprism viewfinder, often featured in higher-class models, in place of a pentamirror viewfinder commonly used for the entry class models. These deliver a larger, brighter image for quick, effortless confirmation of image composition, and the subject’s expression.

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